I hear this comment quite a bit from younger people who try to describe retired individuals, “they have nothing to do and therefore all of the time in the world to do it!”

Usually these words are being spoken by someone in their thirties or forties who has so much to do they can’t see straight. ‘The grass is always greener on the other side,’ I suppose.

I am fifty years old and still working but I work with retired individuals and I consider their time just as important as my own.

It is true that retired seniors have lots of time to design their day but this does not mean that their time is any less valuable than the time of a working person. We are all working toward goals we hope to achieve. We are either working several jobs to buy the lifestyle that we desire, or we are now living the dream after years of hard work. In both cases we all want to lead fulfilling lives.

The seniors that I teach are quite busy volunteering in their community. They are taking classes and learning new skills or they are involved with physical activities to keep themselves fit so that they can remain independent and healthy. Most of them take care of their grandchildren so that their kids can continue to work and save money. Seniors are an integral part of society and their time is very valuable. While they may move slower simply because they are older, they are usually on their way to doing important things.

I understand what it means to be in a rush but whenever I am forced to move slower because someone ahead of me requires more time, I see it as a gift. Slow down, breathe and literally smell the roses for those five or ten extra minutes. You will get to your destination and you may even be happier and better able to use your time wisely.

See you soon,