My husband has an aunt in Norway who is almost 90 years old and while speaking with her daughter recently, I learned that she does exercises in her bed everyday!

I simply could not resist asking for more information. I asked her daughter to share what her mother does with me so that I could pass it onto my loyal readers. From what I can see this workout is strengthening her core muscles and the stretches and shaking promote blood flow.

In Inger Johanna’s words ( for the most part).


This is what she does in the morning, in bed: 
She shakes her legs and then lifts her legs together up 10 cm, holds a bit and lowers – repeats 30 times.
Then she shakes her legs again.
She stretches her arms and legs, and pull the toes upward.
Then she does some bicycling of the legs.
Then she puts the legs out to the side and together again.
Then she stretches her arms 15 times up in the air, to the side and behind her head.
Then she shakes her legs.
In the evening: 
Massages the front of her ears, behind the ears, neck and shoulders.
Then she fold her hands, gives thanks for the day and focuses on the positive parts of her day!
Then she hums a goodnight song, that she and her late husband used to sing for their kids when their children were small. She then says ‘goodnight’ to her late husband.
Keeping a positive attitude is probably the most important part of this particular program. It is hard sometimes, especially when times are tough but if we can just focus on one little thing that has gone right in that day, we can begin to feel better bit by bit.
I have always expressed how important it is to keep moving, even if we happen to be physically limited in some way, we need to move and do what we can.
I thank Inger Johanne for sharing her mother’s secrets with us. There is always something we can learn from each other.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Keep moving.