Meet my new best friend, Mr. Light Therapy Lamp. Every winter I struggle with feeling down and I know that it’s not because I need to exercise! Often doctors describe fitness for people who are depressed as a way of increasing energy and endorphins. I completely agree that exercise is the best medicine but it might not be the only solution for people who suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

In my case, I’m active over 11 hours a week. I know that teaching dance and fitness helps me to feel happier however I’m an early riser by nature and waking up to darkness really has a negative impact on my energy for the rest of the day. You see I’m most energetic between the hours of 5 and 7 in the morning. This is when I write and do my creative arts and I just lose all momentum with no sunlight. So this year I took matters into my own hands and bought a therapy lamp.

I am not a doctor and I recommend seeking a professional opinion if you are feeling depressed but I am happy to report that this lamp has been a game changer for me after only one week of dedicated use. I rise early and turn on the lamp in my creative space. I make a cup of coffee (decaf) and walk back into my office now fully illuminated in bright light. I have the lamp on the windowsill to my left while I write and I never look directly at it but it mimics the sun and has resulted in me being more productive and as a consequence happier.

I bought mine on Amazon. There are many different models but I chose one that has different shades and intensity options. It UV free and looks like a tablet.

I tell others to get the proper tools for fitness that will help them to succeed, be it clothes, shoes, books or videos so I needed to get myself a tool to help me to be at my best for my students. The best part is, it is WORKING!

See you soon,