“Rest and be thankful.” – William Wordsworth.

On this holiday Monday, I wanted to show you a picture of one of the most grateful people I know, my husband, Peter.

I am sure that you have heard about the power of gratitude and how focusing on the good things in your life can change your perspective and make you happier. I have known Peter for almost 30 years and I swear he was born this way! He is by far, the happiest person I know.

Many years ago, while working on our home, I came outside to find Peter like this, in the wheelbarrow, taking a break. He was so happy to be resting his legs! He tried to convince me to climb in, by telling me how comfortable he was, but on this particular occasion I chose to take a picture instead.

Often, if there is a good song on the radio in his car, he will pull up to the front door, music blasting and insist I come out and sit for a bit and listen. Doesn’t matter if I am doing the dishes or writing or cooking, I have to stop what I am doing and take a few minutes to surround myself with his joy! It always has a positive affect on my mood.

If the stars are visible one evening, he grabs my hand and gets me to come outside. He turns all of the house lights off and together we sit and appreciate the view. Nothing like country living to really see the beauty of the night sky!

Interesting bugs; rainbows; bird songs; you name it, Peter and I have stopped and paused to appreciate.

Moments like this are too numerous to recount. Suffice it to say that because of Peter, I am a much happier person.

I begin and end every day thinking of three things I am truly grateful for about my life.

I have been doing this for over three years. It is amazing the transformation that happens in your heart and health when you chose to focus on the good things, instead of all of the dreaded tasks you have to undertake in the day ahead or all of the things that went wrong in the previous twelve hours.

Will you join me in this?

As you sit here, think of three things that bring you joy.

One at a time, think of them, close your eyes and put a little ‘Mona Lisa’ smile on your face as you take in the good feeling of those things.  Breathe in the joy and suddenly you will feel lighter and brighter and happier!

If you are on holiday, as I am today, truly take in the rest and be thankful for the break.