Happy New Year to all of my dedicated students!

On our first day back to exercise, I know that many of you will be walking into class with new resolutions. Most will be about weight loss but some will be about taking better care of yourself and eating better etc.

I want you to know that though many people think resolutions are a waste of time and silly, I actually look at them quite differently.  I see those promises that you make to yourselves as seeds of hope. If you have hope that we can change something regarding your fitness level, than I know that I can help you along your way.

Often what happens is people come to the gym because someone else thinks that they need to lose weight. A partner, a doctor or a a friend has dragged you there.  In this case, it is harder to engage you on a deep level. It is all about vanity and though how we look is important to an extent, once this type of client sees how hard it is to lose the weight, they are the first ones never to return.

If however, you come up to me with a resolution that you have made for yourself, than I have a better chance of reaching you on a deeper level. You have already hit some sort of rock bottom. Perhaps disease is starting to affect your health. Maybe you have suffered a physical injury and know that you have to lose weight in order to keep doing the activities that you love.  In these cases, I have your full attention and that makes connecting with you and keeping you in class, and on target much easier.

So make those resolutions for yourself. Keep them realistic. Keep them attainable.

Perhaps you will strive to go to the gym everyday for at least a month and do whatever the trainer tells you to do.
Maybe you will commit to eating better and eliminating the junk food for one month.
Or maybe you will promise yourself that you will set time aside each day for meditation to relieve stress. Just 5 minutes a day will change you life!

Try to give yourself adequate time to achieve your goals. A week will not do it. Decide what you want to change and then promise yourself that you will give it sufficient time to see results. If you can commit to trying for a month, by that time your new habit will have become set. Aim for at least three weeks if you can. I tell my new group fitness students to give me at least three classes before they decide not to return. In that time, I do my best to reach them emotionally and physically. Those that commit to this and more, stay forever and achieve their goals within the month.

Have a wonderful day today and remember to be kind to yourself when making those resolutions. You did not get into your current state in a day, so don’t expect the situation to change overnight.

Let’s do this!