Yes, the photo is meant to be sideways! It bugs me that it is and I bet it bothers you and that is my inpsiration for today’s blog. Our resistance to change.

Every four weeks I change the muscle conditioning component of my classes. As I have explained before I keep the same exercises for a month so that students can see themselves improve, but when we have adapted to the challenge, it is necessary to switch everything up so that we do not create imbalances in our bodies.

For example, if you always train your abs in a supine position, lying on the mat with knees bent, raising your shoulders 30′, the rest of your abdominal wall will become weak over time. You will think that you have a strong core but there are several other muscles in your core that are being ignored because you are always training the same way. Over time this imbalance can lead to injuries, even though we are in the gym taking care of ourselves!

The resistance to change is astonishing. I see it in all components of my classes.

It is hard to learn new exercises or accept schedules changes or room changes. There is tension in the room when I present new exercises, even though we are giggling while learning. We get upset when classes get cancelled or our favorite teacher is replaced with someone new. The older we get, the more we try to nail things down and keep them the same because they are comfortable and easy but I see that we also suffer more. Change is the only constant and the key is to accept it and embrace the experience. This is great practice for dealing with life in general.

I get it. I see myself reacting to change with frustration at times. I love to do the same dance steps and I have my favorite exercises but I have also suffered enough injuries to know the importance of embracing change. So to keep my students injury free as much as possible, and to keep myself healthy enough to teach 15 hours of fitness a week, I stick to switching things up!

I have to tell you though, it can be hard when the resistance is great!

See you soon,