Reiki by Rob Cosh

Reiki – What is it?


I’m often asked, “what is Reiki?”   

Reiki is a healing modality that has been around since 1922.  The essence of it is simple – Reiki practicioners, through their hands, channel healing energy into a recipient.   That’s it.   To be honest – I think that’s about as far as I’m comfortable going with an explanation.    The reason is this – Reiki, its effects and the experiences of the recipients and practicioners are totally unique to their individual situations.  Like most people, I default to a skeptic’s position when presented with claims about curing serious illnesses or other tremendous acts of healing.  I can’t say they don’t happen – but I avoid that kind of discussion because it invites all manner of unrealistic expectations and the discussion quickly gets away from what Reiki really means to me, and the reason I practice it – the gift of caring presence.  

Full disclosure – I’m a level 1 Reiki practicioner and have been so for about 14 months. Level 2 is scheduled for June.  There are 3 levels of Reiki mastery.   Now – to me – Reiki isn’t about lofty promises of radical healing.  Reiki is about subtle energy and relaxation.  It’s well known that stress and tension can be the source of many ailments that manifest physically, mentally and emotionally.  So it stands to reason that if we work at the source to find relief, it will have a lovely ripple effect in our lives.  Reiki does this – working at stress and tension, and the effects radiate from there depending on what you need.  It’s about being cared for by someone’s complete focus, while they channel that focus and intent through their hands on your body.    It’s about you – taking a short period of time to really sink down inside and receive.  I don’t think I have to convince anyone reading this that we all could do a better job of receiving caring attention.   In today’s busy lifestyles – it’s almost always lacking.  As a human, though, we do need care.  I find it very interesting to consider the incredible growth that alternative healing modalities have experienced in the last 20 years.  It’s not rocket science to arrive at the conclusion that there really must be something to them!!   

So why should you experience Reiki?  The answer is because you owe it to yourself.  Another answer is why not?   At the very least – it’s a 30, 45, or 60 minute session of total quietude.   But in the hands of a skilled practicioner it becomes something so much more.   If you have at all dabbled in meditation, yoga, or lost yourself in deep thought and relaxation – then you have an idea.   The difference is this – in each of those, you are solo and work with yourself to attain your goal of mindfulness or relaxation or whatever you’re trying to do.  With Reiki – I’m also there with you, working with you, caring for you.   I believe that intent connects  us on a deeper level.   It stimulates your healing powers, it ennervates your subtle energy body – and it lets you sink in deeply.   I’ve seen it time and again – people can’t quite put their finger on it – but after a session, they are stunned by the depth of the relaxation achieved, the sense of tranquility attained, or clarity around an issue they held in mind while receiving Reiki.    It’s too prevalent to be dismissed as a nice quiet lie-down.   If we look at life as an act of balance – then Reiki is a weight you can place on the good side, to counteract some of the not-so-good weights.  

And so – I don’t ask too many questions.   My hope is that this reading  sparks your curiousity.   The proof is in the pudding! I don’t need science to explain what I feel, what I witness.   It just happens.  It’s beautiful.  And I’m of the opinion that Reiki is something everyone should try receiving.   There is no doubt in my mind that we share energy – and that is something that can have great impact on our whole health.  I think Reiki is a great addition to your personal toolkit for staying healthy.

Be well!

Rob Cosh