Reiki – What Is it and How Can I Use It?


Last week I was honoured to deliver a 30m presentation on the practice and application of Reiki to Beth’s Virtual Fitness students. I am Master Teacher level Reiki practioner in both the Usui and Holy Fire systems of Reiki.   What follows is a brief overview of the main points from that presentation.  Beth and I hope that this information gives you one more tool in your toolbox to help you meet the challenges we are facing today.


What is Reiki?


  • Reiki is a holistic healing modality originating from Japan during the early 20th It was created by Mikao Usui.  We refer to the original form of Reiki as Usui Reiki.   Holistic healing modality originating in Japan in early 19th century
  • Created by Mikao Usui – the original form is Usui Reiki
  • Contains elements of many esoteric healing practices which he spent his life studying
  • Recipients can expect to quickly reach a deep state of relaxation in which tension, stress and inflammation begin to drop, allowing Chi energy to circulate more easily through the body.


What is Reiki Doing?


Well, Reiki is known to activate the parasympathetic nervous system.  This is associated with lower heart rate, lower blood pressure and improved heart rate variability.   Is has been linked with lower cortisol production.  Cortisol is known as the “stress hormone”.   All of these “bio-markers” are linked with many prevalent chronic illnesses.   Of course, it stands to reason that if we could improve these physiological markers, there would be tangible health benefits!


The Woo-Woo Stuff


Reiki is a form of spiritual practice.   Spiritual, but not religious.  It is not dogmatic.  It does not require belief or faith of any kind.  It is energy-based and is not in conflict with any known religion.    Consider that across millenia and cultures all around the world throughout, the laying on of hands is a shared approach to healing and comfort.   Makes you think, doesn’t it?   This form of healing is innate in humans and is easily learned or uncovered – anyone can do this!


If Reiki is Real, Why is There No Proof?


This is a very common question, and understandably so.  We live in a world of instant gratification, and all of civilization’s knowledge is searchable at any time it seems.   We’ve become accustomed to the capitalization of science – insofar as scientific research seems to largely be related to endeavours to find saleable products and technologies.   It’s hard to envision a pharmaceutical company funding research into an innate healing ability that is easily learned and used without the need for any additional materials.


It’s important to realize that although we are conditioned to look for proof,  the common drug Aspirin was used for 70 years before science understood why it worked!    Science is, in fact, constantly re-writing itself as new knowledge is discovered.   The world was flat for centuries, until we realized it wasn’t.      It is interesting to note, however, that Reiki is being used officially in over 700 hospitals in the USA (2014 data).   Science may not understand Reiki, yet – but it accepts that improved patient outcomes, reduced hospital stays and drug costs are associated with the practice of Reiki and welcomes the practice into their operations.


Reiki Will Not….


  • Mend your broken bones
  • Cure your diseases
  • Bring you money or fame
  • Do any miraculous thing you may have heard.



However, Reiki Will…..


  • Give your physical and energetic/emotional body a calming experience, and when we are still, our innate healing processes can take place.
  • Our bodies are immensely sophisticated and can produce all of the compounds we need to heal if we provide the right inputs. (nutrition/exercise/mental health/energetic health)
  • Create a sense of openness and connectedness, often resulting in a reduction of mental fog, fatigue, clarity in decision making, improved mood and demeanor
  • Attract your pets 


One of the greatest aspects of Reiki is that the benefit is gifted to both the receiver AND the practitioner.   If you become attuned to Level 1 Reiki, or beyond, you will receive every Reiki treatment that you give to another.   It’s so efficient!    It’s also the most relaxing, centred and presenced way to spend an hour here or there.  There aren’t many things more wholesome than being in service to another.


Reiki During COVID


Reiki can provide ourselves with another “good” input towards a balanced, less inflamed system of health, along with exercise and nutrition.   Universal to indigenous healing systems around the world is working to help create systemic balance for the recipient.   Reiki supports this directly.    In these harried and harrowing times, Reiki can help restore calm and reduce anxiety – directly impacting the physiology of stress, which can help reduce inflamation, improve cardiovascular health and move us closer to a state of relaxation – where our bodies can most effectively do the physical healing that we need.


I encourage you to explore reiki by seeking out a local practitioner you feel an affinity with and arranging to have a Reiki session!


Rob Cosh

Master Teacher

Usui and Holy Fire Reiki Systems