If you made New Year’s Resolutions, now is the time to evaluate how well you are doing.

Often we begin the year sticking to our goals for two weeks and then we begin to slip into old habits that jeopardize our chances of successfully changing our lives.

I myself haven’t stuck to a few of my many resolutions for 2017. This doesn’t mean that I should throw in the towel and give up completely. I woke up this morning thinking that I need to re-evaluate the plan that I made the first week of January and make some changes.

I have about six projects on the go. Two online courses. Three different writing endeavors and my family tree. To complete my tasks I made myself a very tight schedule that keeps me on track, daily and weekly. One of the problems is that I learned how to knit two weeks ago and now I find myself knitting when I should be working. I love it!

I now see that some days in my week are simply too full of teaching for me to have any energy left for my projects. I forgot to build in adequate down time. Yes, I go to bed very early but we also need unscheduled time. I need to change the schedule to reflect this so that I do not consider myself unsuccessful and give up altogether.

I meet people all of the time who say, “oh I can’t stick to New Year’s Resolutions so I never make them!”

Well, perhaps you just need to re-evaluate so you can succeed. If I see that one of my Personal Training clients is struggling, I make changes so that they will achieve their goals before we give up completely.

I’m happy to report that I am still meditating daily and I begin my day with thirty minutes of reading, instead of Facebook and the news. These changes have been wonderful.

How are doing on your resolutions?

Have a great day and see you soon.