I am certified under The Canadian Fitness Professionals Association. They recognize me as an Older Adult Specialist; a Fitness Instructor Specialist and a Personal Training Specialist. I am also certified to teach Stability Ball; Step; Aqua fitness and Yoga ( Level 1 and Seniors). I have taken a course in Flexibility Training and Clean Eating. On top of all of this, I have 18 years of experience teaching fitness in a practical setting. I am not just learning and sitting on my couch. My CPR is updated yearly and I am AED certified which means I can use the difibrilator machine. ( Everyone should get trained in CPR as a minimum and you should learn how to use the ‘shock machine’ as they are widely available to help you save a life!)

I am telling you this because I want you to question the source of any information that you obtain whether it is online or in person.

Recently, I have had a few questions related to nutrition. Though I have taken a course on eating for optimal health, I do not hold a Nutrition Specialist certification and I would caution you against taking any advice from someone other than a doctor or a nutritionist. Always ask your source about their qualifications. Fitness professionals work very hard on their certifications and we are proud to let you know our merits. We are also all taught to work within the guidelines of our certifications.

That being said, we are also taught the basics of nutrition which means you have to burn more calories than you are consuming if you wish to lose weight and vice versa if you wish to put some weight on. Where the calories come from should be handled by a nutritionist.

Yes, I lost weight when I removed gluten from my diet but I had to do that because of an allergy. I was not looking to lose weight at all! I do over 12 hours of fitness a week so I have to consume a large amount of calories to make certain that I do not disappear. Please remember to seek the services of a certified professional to make a plan that is designed specifically for you and question the source of your information at all times.

Stay safe and see you soon.