This center just opened up in Valois about a month ago.  I encourage you to follow the link to the website for more information.

I found out about this center in a very bizarre way. An email appeared in my box from someone I had never met, telling me that she had been speaking to some of my students ( no names),  who suggested I be contacted about offering classes at Quanta.

I could have just as easily ignored that email as my schedule is very busy, however something told me to call the owner, Rachel, and arrange a meeting.

I am happy to say that I am very glad I did.  Rachel has her heart in the right place with this project. Here is a quote from the web page ( I only just read it now which makes me smile as well ):

Located in the heart of the Valois Village in Pointe Claire, Quanta
Wellness Center values a holistic approach to therapy while creating
partnerships with their clients, assisting in their path of regaining
better function and mobility, and pain-free living.

As daily life throws us its pressures and obstacles, most of us tend
to gather this stress and hold it in our bodies. The staff at Quanta
Wellness Center is a united team of highly qualified and experienced
health care professionals dedicated to offering well-designed treatments
based on each client’s unique medical history, personality, and
specific problem area.

Our treatment programs ensure that you can continue to enjoy your
active lifestyle, with an increased sense of well being, without pain
and/or injury.”

Anyone who knows me, knows that I hold the same beliefs and that keeping my clients active and healthy is the reason I rise out of bed everyday! What a great match.

I met with Rachel and was inspired by her desire to help the community.  I agreed to offer my Yoga/Stretch class. I prepared the advertizing and within a day I had emails from the students who had recommended me to Rachel, telling me to save them a spot! The class filled up overnight! Thanks Audrey and Joan.

My message today is about following your gut instinct.  At times it may appear to be leading you astray but more often than not, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Logic told me that I was too busy. My heart told me to go and investigate.

We had our first class of five, this past week and my students are so happy that they too followed their hearts and gave this new venue a try!

I look forward to offering more classes in the future.

Contact me if you are interested in beginner, gentle yoga classes.

Fill out the contact form at the very bottom of my blog or go to my website and contact me there.

Follow your heart.  You will find happiness down that path.

Have a great day!