I see it all the time.  Loving, caring folks, who give up their established fitness routines to help out a loved one who is in need of a ride to the doctor or a friend who needs a shoulder to cry on. We have to help those around us.  It is part of being human. What worries me is when you let trivial things get in the way of making your way to class or letting something stop you from exercising in your chosen way.

I am telling you to put yourself first!

Set your exercise time and stick to it. If you are truly comitted to getting healthier, you have to find a time in the day when “things” will not get in the way. I now have students who understand this and make their routines around class, no exceptions. I even have a student who is job searching but the job must match her fitness class schedule.  Now that is a bit extreme but I am so happy to see that she is comitted to staying healthy because once you miss one class or one session, it is easy to miss the next and then the next.

Caring for others is what you do but you need to care for yourself first so you can take care of the ones you love. 

We must keep our knees and backs and shoulders and mind etc., in good shape.

Everyone can get up a bit earlier.  Set the alarm. Go for a walk before everyone gets up or pop in an exercise dvd.  Do some yoga. Whatever ‘floats your boat’.  Do it for the ones you love, if you will not do it for yourself!

Have a great day everyone.
And if you are in my 9 o’clock.. I will see you soon.