There are many events in our lives that require us to be confident and self assured. Job interviews and confrontations with co-workers, are just a few examples of situations that can cause us to feel anxious.

I’ve attended many conferences on health and well-being over the years, and on more than one occasion we’ve been taught about power poses. Holding a power pose for two minutes before we step into a scary situation, can ease our anxiety tremendously.

Raising our arms in victory is one pose that feels great to assume. Imagine how you feel when you win a race, game or contest.

Another power pose that is often suggested, is standing with our hands on our hips. I think back to my mother when I see this pose. If she was unhappy with us, we knew it from the way she held her body. We weren’t going to argue with her when she appeared looking at us in this stance!

I’m smiling in these photos because my husband makes me giggle when he takes my picture but even with the smile, I look more confident that I would with my arms by my side.

Try each of these poses for one minute right now and see how you feel afterwards. I imagine that with shoulders back and chest raised, you are breathing better and feeling stronger.

So before the next big event in your life, find a private space (maybe a bathroom stall or an empty room) and assume one of these poses for two minutes. I hope it helps to ease your anxiety.

Have a great day!