I’m guessing that most of you reading this post are sitting in a chair with your back rounded and your shoulders rolled forward. This usually means that your chin and your neck are out of alignment as well. I know  this because I catch myself sitting like this all of the time. I also know that you have just sat up taller and done a realignment.

This is the first thing we do in my classes before we begin any weight training exercise because if you exercise in bad posture you can get hurt. Many of you have heard me say this a million times.

We want our body to be as strong as possible so when we need to lift something, we need to align all of the joints as best as possible to set ourselves up for success and it begins with posture.

So the next time you are in any class that requires lifting weights or even in your own home, do a body scan beforehand. Is your back straight? Are your shoulders rolled back and down as they should be? Is your neck aligned over your spine?

When people are new to the gym, they need to be reminded of this often and I can see a big difference in the clients who have been trained to do this posture check. Yes, we all slack off sometimes but the key is to try to remember to keep “perfect” posture as much as possible. I use the term perfect very loosely here. Many of us have injuries that prevent us from obtaining perfect alignment but do what you can to keep yourself safe.

Remember that the body is a chain of mechanics and if one piece is not properly lined up, the chain is not as strong. Work on the weaknesses by seeking the help of a trainer or physiotherapist before they become a problem.

Are you sitting taller?

I thought so…we just need reminders. I used to send out emails to my clients reminding them to drink water…perhaps I need to start this again but for posture!

Have a great day.