Please remember that your safety is my number one priority and it’s very important that you share certain health information with me, so that I can guide you through to a successful workout.

A few weeks ago, one of my strongest students suffered a serious fall while walking to class. They slipped on the ice and fell backwards onto the sidewalk. Luckily, the backpack that they were wearing saved them from a serious crack on the skull. This student was right to tell me about the accident before beginning the class because I was able to offer advice and check on them throughout the hour long session.

Last Monday, a second student slipped in the parking lot and hit their head. This person only told me about the incident after the class. When I told them that that was not a good idea, the student explained that they had mentioned their fall to a fellow participant. While this is better than nothing, keep in mind that should you pass out, that person may fail to let me know what had happened to you only minutes before. I need to know about these situations, so that I can fully inform any medical team who arrive on the scene. It is just common sense.

Last year, one of my older participants was experiencing occasional paralysis in one leg. They did not mention this to me for fear of not being allowed to continue classes and as a result, they fell during the cardio component and almost injured others in the process. Had I been informed, I would have selected a different warm up for this student to keep everyone safe.

Just yesterday, a client who had suffered a serious fall and head injury when they fell down some stairs the night before, only told me about the accident after the cardio portion of the class. I noticed a large bruise and asked some questions.

Falls of this nature are very serious. You may have a concussion or a serious neck injury and I need to know this so that I can make recommendations on how to proceed safely with your exercise session. If nothing else, I will at least pay more attention to your posture and demeanor and be able to act quickly if a serious situation arises.

Remember that we are a team on your journey towards better health. Please let me know if you have fallen recently. I want to keep you safe.