It is time to register for my Winter Fitness Classes. You can find all of the information about dates and times from the Home Page, under Classes. I encourage my students to commit to a program that will keep them active before the weather turns cold and icy because if you make plans now, you are more likely to keep moving and stay healthy.

Many of my students travel to the south to escape the harsh winters that we experience in Quebec, Canada. The older I get the more I start to understand the appeal of this yearly migration. There seems to be more ice and less snow than in years past and this makes getting around challenging. The concern I have is that if people do not make plans for their fitness from January to April, they will fall out of their fitness routine and become couch potatoes.

Why does this matter? Couldn’t we all take three or four months off from working out?

In my experience, watching from the front of the class for the last twenty years, those students who plan ahead and quite frankly, never miss their workout unless they are ill, are the ones who are in the best physical and mental shape. Even if they catch a cold, they are better able to fight it off because they are in good physical condition.

While I believe that it is healthy and necessary at times to take vacations and only work out sporadically during that time, completely stopping your exercise regime for months at a time sets your progress back to zero and getting back from that point is hard work, so hard in fact that many people never go back.

If you are travelling, you can purchase my fitness videos so that you can continue to work out, doing your favorite exercises along with me wherever you lay your hat this winter. You can find the information under Shop from the Home Page. Under Classes, you can see the private lessons that I am offering this Winter. It is time to make your plans so that after the holidays, you are ready to go.

Above all, let’s commit to keep moving this Winter!

See you soon!