One of my newest students just wrote me a lovely email describing the success that she has enjoyed after taking my Essentrics class for 12 weeks. These stories encourage me to continue teaching this amazing program!

Peggy has suffered with pain in her lower back, neck and shoulders for many years. Her work requires that she stand for long periods of time and she has been seeing her chiropractor every three to four weeks for adjustments over the last 26 years. These treatments, coupled with regular exercise that included Yoga, Pilates and dance has helped Peggy to keep the pain to a minimum.

Peggy joined my new Essentrics class in Rigaud, Quebec last September and after participating two times a week for an hour each time, she arrived at one of the last classes of the session with a huge smile on her face.

“My chiropractor said I need to thank you Beth, because for the first time ever, my back is in perfect alignment! I believe that stretching is the magic solution for my back issues.”

I was so happy for her and so pleased that the Essentrics techniques were able to complete the healing process.

In our classes we move every single joint the way it was intended to move, and as such we lubricate and revitalize parts of our body that otherwise get stiff because of lifestyle choices and inactivity. The workouts are gentle in the sense that you work at your own intensity level, but do not interpret this to mean that the exercise is easy or somehow ineffective. I have been teaching Essentrics now for over two years and I have seen amazing results in my own flexibility, and a reduction in pain in my back, shoulders and feet!

Should you want more information, reach out to me via the contact button from the Home page. Life is too short to spend any of it in pain. Maybe I can help! Your first class is free.

See you soon,