I host a few Christmas parties each season for my students to show my appreciation for the support that they give to me over the year! It is no secret that I love my job and I love being able to share this time of celebration. It is basically just an excuse to get together and share good food and lots of laughter. Today, as I was hosting my 4th student gathering (a nice breakfast after our workout), it hit me how important relationships are at the gym.

I can honestly say that the students who take the time to make friends and form bonds, are the ones who benefit the most from their experience at the gym. I can see first hand the positive impact that this social connection has on the clients, especially those who have lost their spouses or those battling disease or chronic pain. This bonding makes my students more inclined to get themselves to the gym, even when they feel down and once they arrive and are among friendly faces, the magic happens. They begin to forget their troubles for a while and in that time, I get the body moving and the blood flowing which enhances the good feelings even more!

Exercise is easier to do when we are among friends and the same is true for most things in life. My goal is to get you to keep coming back to the gym. Facilitating the formation of friendships by hosting a party or two every year, gives me a better chance at being successful. We all win!

I hope you are getting an opportunity to share some joy with friends this season. Ask someone out for a coffee after class and get to know each other. The rewards can be everlasting!

See you soon,