In preparation for my book, I have been reflecting on some of the amazing moments that I have had in my career. I truly am lucky to be able to do what I love each day, and even more fortunate to be surrounded by such fun students.

I can remember many special people from the past but the ones that made me laugh hold a special place in my heart. Take Pat from my Chair class for example. She had to be in her late seventies or early eighties and whenever I asked what she had been up to lately, would say with a very staight face, “as much trouble as I can!” She had to stop attending my classes because of health concerns but I remember her fondly and know that wherever she is, there is trouble! The good kind.

One year, early on in my career, I had told my Step class students that I needed to leave the room for a moment but to stay put on the floor doing their ab exercises until I returned. When I opened the door, I gasped. It was completely empty of people. The music was playing but the clients were gone. Then I heard giggling. Twenty of them had piled into the closets around the room. They really had me going for a moment.

Then there was a very comical lady who appeared in my chair class for the first and last time two years ago.We were doing Kegel exercises and even though we have men in the class I instruct everyone to contract the muscles of their pelvic floor and then release. To the ladies, I add, “lift up your elevator.” I usually giggle and state that the men probably wonder what we are doing to which this lady blurted out, “ya and they are wondering if they can take a ride!” I have never gone so red as I did that day. We all burst out laughing. Unfortunately, I never saw her again but we enjoyed her company while she was there.

I will never forget one feisty little lady from my Step class. I am 5’2 something and she was shorter than me by quite a bit but she filled the space with her energy. She set herself up right beside me and whenever she made an error in her footing during the cardio segment, she would swear like a trucker and not quietly either. I had to tell her to stop because her remarks would throw me off my pace and make me laugh in surprise. She explained that she meant no harm. I am fairly certain that she was close to eighty at the time. What a character.

Even though we are hard at work in our classes, my students make the experience fun. I am very lucky lady.

I look forward to many more years of memory making!

Have a great day and see you soon,