As many of you know, this is the latest addition to our bike collection.  My husband picked up this bike just before we left on our camping trip last week.  When he picked it up, it had very broken seats and it needed a tuneup badly.

The story behind the bike is interesting.  The man who owned the bike said that he was once working on a renovation project for one of Debbie Travis’ Home Decoration shows.  She needed to get somewhere in a hurry so he suggested that she hop on the backseat of the tandem bicycle and unfortunately, the seat tipped backwards!  I am not sure if she actually fell off or if they were able to get going before the accident happened but I can say that Debbie Travis has had an experience with our bike!

I plan to send her a picture of the fixed up bike and suggest she try to ride again as it is great fun.

Though we don’t have a picture of us on the bike, I managed to get a picture of our youngest son, Jesse and his girlfriend Rebecca, riding in front of our house.  They loved it.

It is amazing how fast it can go with two people pedalling! Peter and I learned a lot about how to communicate in order to direct the bike properly. The person on the back cannot try to steer and braking has to be done together. You have to lean the same way in corners and mutually pump up the hills so you can keep up the speed and not have to stop and walk the rest of the way.  I absolutely loved this experience and think it would be great fun to have a modern version with different gear selections. 

It is so fun to try new things with good friends. Laughing is the best medicine for anything ailing you!

I hope your weekend is full of joy.

See you Monday.