Francois Blondin doesn’t know this but I think of him often and I thank him every time I teach aerobics or line dance.

Below you can find all of his contact info and I suggest that you call him if you have any foot pain at all.

I have a bunion, which was becoming very painful to the point where even walking was difficult! I simply could not imagine giving up teaching fitness but admittedly it was getting harder and harder to hide my discomfort.

My physiotherapist did all that she could to fix my foot issues with exercises and stretching but she suggested that Francois could take care of my biggest problems with orthotics. The result has been life altering. I went from wondering how I was going to be able to continue teaching fitness, to dancing like my old self in no time.

I started wearing the orthotics in January and I have needed two simple adjustments since then ( included in the original price). I wear a night splint and a toe spacer that is custom made. The secret to success when it comes to working with Francois, is that everything is custom made to fit your foot. He is personable and he truly wants to help you alleviate discomfort and pain.

I waited far too long to go and see Francois. My only regret is that I did not see him a year ago.
Don’t delay. You will be so thankful that you addressed your foot issues sooner rather than later.

See you soon,