Most of us have had bad experiences trying to wear “one size fits all” clothing and the same can be said for fitness. What works for you may not work for your friend at all! This is why I teach so many different types of classes and it is why I encourage all of my students to try new workouts. It is also why I discourage shopping for classes based on the time that they are offered, instead of what is best or safest for you personally. You shouldn’t continue to beat yourself up in a class that is not suitable for your personal situation, simply because it is the only time you have to workout. Perhaps you are meant to try something new where you might find a better fit!

I love it when a client brings their best friend to their favorite class because friends who exercise together are more likely to succeed in achieving their goals. But it can be awkward if the guest struggles with the tempo of the class and feels out of place or even worse, gets hurt trying to keep up to their fit friend! I saw a bit of that this week in a few of my classes and I did my best to ease the situation by keeping things simple. I always say give a class at least three attempts before giving it up because I could be having a bad day or vice versa. After a few weeks though, it is okay to admit that the class does not suit you or fit your style.

We also shouldn’t push our own workout style on our friends and family. It really is a personal choice. In one of my classes, a wife insists on bringing her husband and she spends the entire hour, pointing out what he is doing wrong. I believe that she means well but in the end, she is cheating herself out of workout where she can let go and focus on herself.

The best thing I can do is encourage people to burn more calories than they are consuming by exercising every single day, in a way that hopefully pleases them. There is “no one size fits all” when it comes to both diet and fitness. Try new things but don’t insist that your way is the best way or the only way to get in shape.

Have a great day.