Most of my fitness classes have come to an end for the holidays which actually worries me a bit because the club that I work at only starts up again on January 4th.  
Many of my students only like to ‘exercise’ by attending classes, as they are simply not good at working out on their own. While we can take two weeks off from our fitness routines and not lose our adaptations, one month is too long.
I tell my students to try to do the basic exercises that they have learned with me, while we are on our the holiday break. Leave a days rest between doing these exercises. Do not do them everyday. If you can go for a longer walk on those days that would be ideal but remember to stretch everyday!
Always warm up with a short walk ( even around your house if the weather is bad). Once you feel warmed up do the following:
Squats ( free standing or in and out of a chair) 12-15
Push-ups ( from the knees, toes or against a counter or the wall) 12-15
Plank ( front, from elbows and knees or on toes and elbows) hold 30 seconds to 1 minute
Superman (back extensions while lying on stomach, on the floor raising both arms and legs or on all fours raising opposite arm and leg) 12-15 repetitions
Abdominal crunches/sit ups ( lying on your back with knees bent, feet on the floor, hands at your head, raise shoulders off of the mat.) 12-15 repetitions
My “Chair Class” students know how to adapt these exercises using a chair. You will be surprised how much you will remember once you get started. 
Remember to do the stretches that I have taught you as well.  
Thank you for a terrific Fall session.
Have a wonderful day and stay tuned. I will post fitness tips to keep you going through the holiday break.