“October is the fittest month of the year.” I heard this statement on CTV News from Ottawa last night.

At first the statement seemed a bit ridiculous but as I considered what they were saying it made sense. If people join the gym in September and actually stick with it for six to eight weeks, I would agree that they could be in better shape than when they first walked in.

The report went on to explain that the upcoming holiday season, coupled with parties and drinking and eating, results in weight gain from now until Christmas. During  the winter months many people hibernate in their homes because of poor weather and dangerous driving conditions and the gyms are generally not as busy in the Spring because people are working in their gardens.

The news story suggested that because we feel so good in October, we should make our New Year’s Resolutions now!

Perhaps we should make a commitment to keep coming to classes no matter what the weather brings, Maybe we should vow to eat less and move more during the holiday season? Maybe our resolutions would have nothing to do with weight at all.

What would you do today to make your life even better? Give it a try.

Have a great day.