Two weeks ago, my daughter and I went to the Botanical Gardens in Montreal to see the live butterfly exhibit. This particular butterfly hitched a ride on my shoulder for about fifteen minutes. It is a gift to be surrounded by such beauty. The exhibit is running until the end of April.

I woke up this morning to the sound of birds and rushing water. The stream behind our home is running at full force and these signs of Spring remind me that every day is a new opportunity to change our lives and circumstance.  Typically exercise classes are quite full at this time of year as we all try to shed those winter pounds and prepare for summer. Each day is full of potential and we can achieve our goals when we remember that what matters is the present moment. Yesterday may have been less than perfect but today we can work to renew our commitments and keep working toward our goals.

While we often meet in classes a few times per week, we may not know the struggles that some fellow gym mates are handling in their personal lives. It is not always easy to get ourselves to class but some clients have added challenges that remind me not to take anything in life for granted.

During one of my busiest classes last week, I took a moment to whisper to a client whom I had not seen in a couple of years, how happy I was to see them. It turns out that this client had suffered a stroke. They were so grateful to be back and so full of smiles and joy.

This particular client represents many of us who have had to overcome serious challenges in order to enjoy the simple things in life. Each day is a gift.  We must use it wisely.

I look forward to seeing you soon!