Just want you to know that I have a few spots remaining in my yoga class that is starting in February.  What a wonderful Valentine’s Gift to give yourself! It will be a four week session.

The goal of the class is to improve flexibility and relieve stress. I always give different intensity options so everyone is welcome. The room is quaint and peaceful. You will need to bring a yoga mat. Blankets, blocks and bolsters are provided. Last week, at another center, I had 38 students in one of my yoga classes.

People seem to appreciate my approach which lets “you be the boss of you.” So many yoga classes force people into poses, despite injuries etc., whereas I adapt the pose to fit your body and current physical condition. The nice thing about the Quanta center is that it offers a more personal experience. I am only taking six students per class.

Please call the Quanta Wellness Center to book your spot today!

Have a great weekend.