To My Students: I want your story!

An open call to
ALL of my students past and present:
I am collecting your fitness stories for a non-profit book
to encourage the 50+ crowd to get off of the couch.
I will give all of
the profits from the sale of the book to a local charity that takes care of
helping seniors improve their lives. 
That will be determined later. You can give me an idea of your favourite
Let’s use our stories to
help others!
Please let me know if you are interested in taking part by
sending me a private email:
I have been training some of you for over 10 years and some
of you, for just a few months.  All of you
are inspirational to me and all of you have great stories to tell about how exercise
has improved your life.  
I can come and interview you or if you are more comfortable
sending me your story, we can do it all by email. I will want a photograph of
you. I can take that, or you can send me one of yours.
I am so proud of all that you have accomplished and I hope
that you are too!  
I am on a personal mission of “giving back” this year! I
hope that you will help me to spread some joy!
Love you all,