I am so lucky that at my classes are full. This is wonderful news for someone like myself who works so hard to create and deliver quality programming each session. Some gyms hire the teachers but also provide the programs. The teacher is simply responsible for delivering what the boss has designed.

What I am responsible for however is making certain that the room is safe for the clients and part of this is having to manage the large numbers of keen participants! In most gyms you have to pass through a turn style and show your identification to the reception desk. Our gym is very trusting and once you have paid for one of the four types of memberships, we generally trust that students will attend only the classes within the program that they have paid for.

I am responsible for checking peoples membership rights as they enter my class. Now that my numbers are growing I have to count the number of people entering to make sure that the room will be safe and effective for everyone. FYI, I have about 2 minutes to do all of this.

Should an accident happen in any class, the teacher is the one that will be scrutinised first to make certain that all protocols were followed. For example, did the clients have the proper foot wear and if not were they warned that they are at risk? Some clients forget their shoes and want to lift weights when they are barefoot. I have to make sure that they know there is risk involved. Some clients insist on chewing gum or having candy in their mouths while working out. This is a huge choking hazard and it is prohibited in our facility. I check shoelaces etc. Yesterday there was a new client doing aerobics too close to people’s bags and he was at risk for tripping, so I had to tell him to move ahead.

I am there early to make sure that fire exits are clear. That the equipment is safe. That the floor is free from debris and that I have all of the equipment that I will need for all of the students who are going to show up.

All to say that my mind is on a million things not to mention delivering the program that I have designed.

So though I do my best to deliver this program with a cheerful smile on my face, if I seem a bit distracted it is because I have a concern within the room.

Ultimately we are all there to have fun, exercise and get in shape.

I love my job and my students.

Thank you to all of my students who help me out in whatever way that they can, be it putting away equipment or greeting new students.

Together we make magic happen every single day!

See you soon,