It is no secret that I love my kids and love talking about their accomplishments.  When you have kids, you give your all to them, to help them achieve their dreams and when they succeed, there is no greater joy! This is a picture of my oldest Josh, and Sarah, taken at my daughter’s vernissage one evening this week.

Sarah, has finished her three year, Illustration and Design Program. I cannot believe that she is done. We dropped off a shy little girl three years ago and today she stands confidently and proudly in front of some of her work. Congratulations Sarah!

Yesterday I spoke about finding your talents and using them to spread joy. Well my sweet little girl has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil. At her kindergarten interview, I brought in a sample of her drawings to show the teacher what she was in for!  At 4 years old she was already drawing “The Magic School Bus,” complete with the lettering on the bus!

She has made countless get well cards and birthday cards for friends and family. She put her artwork on t-shirts at one point, hand painted. She has painted in icing on cakes.! Everyone is inspired by her art. I even pulled out Pictionary, this past Christmas thinking we could all take her on.  Nope!  I can still only draw stick men and even then, it is bad..ha,ha..but she makes us all want to try!

Sarah knew her greatest joy was going to be in studying art.  Instead of trying to be something she was not, she followed her heart and it is going to lead her down amazing paths! She is the perfect example of following your bliss!

So proud of you Sarah.

Have a great weekend everyone. See you Monday.