My Mission

It is my mission to help my students to be the healthiest that they can be in body, mind and spirit.  I want all of my clients, no matter their age, to be able to do all of their favorite activities for as long as they wish. To achieve my goal, I work very hard to stay certified and educated on the latest findings in the fitness field.  I then use my wealth of experience to decide whether or not these new types of classes are practical. I always judge whether the potential gains are worth the associated risk for injury.

I believe in doing the basics, better. If you cannot do a proper push up or a sit up safely, I would not recommend that you put yourself in highest intensity classes.

I work hard to make sure that my students are mindful of proper posture and training techniques, so that they can attend a variety of classes and use what they have learned with me, to keep themselves safe!

My mission is to educate and motivate!

Stay safe and have fun.