I learn the most about myself from my mistakes.

I usually buy natural cedar mulch for my garden every year but I was in a rush and after making a special trip, 30km away, back to the store on the same day, I came home with a coloured mulch.  I didn’t even know you could buy such a thing!  That is how little I know about gardening.

Anyway, I laughed when I started putting it down.  There was no way I was making a third trip, so this year I was going to live with my mistake.  I finished laying it all down and in the end, I ended up liking it.  I never would have thought about using a coloured mulch and now I probably never go back to the plain old natural colour again! 

I also learn the most from my mistakes at work.  Often I have a new exercise or a pattern in line dance in mind.  I will have tested it out minimally beforehand just to make sure it works and then it ends up looking different once I am in class teaching.  In those moments, the magic happens for me because I discover a whole new set of possibilities. When you see me laughing randomly it is because I have made a mistake and then recovered from it and learned something new. 

It also happens that one of my students misunderstands my cues and when I look up they are demonstrating a fabulous new exercise that I had never even considered!  Those are the best moments.

With the change in our summer schedule, I had some students showing up for classes last week, expecting something else or a different teacher and I am proud to say that a number of them decided to try something new instead of simply going back home!  They all came up to me afterwards and were quite happy to have stepped out of their comfort zone.  In doing so they now have an expanded idea of what our programming has to offer.

We get stuck in ruts.
We do the same routine over and over again because it is comfortable.

Take a different approach today.

Explore the world around you…it really can lead to laughter and growth.

Have a great day everyone.