Someone asked me this week about classes that I give in the area in which I live. When I said that I give them in my home, she cringed, said “oh,” and changed the subject.  I’m not sure why she reacted that way but I thought I would share pictures of my studio so that you can see it is a professional, welcoming spot! Not everyone can have a home gym but I believe that all of us should dedicate a space in the house to fitness.  My studio is 30’x30′. It is bright and sunny and perfect for my needs. I offer small group training there twice a week.

20160921_084855   20160921_084916

20160921_085128   20160921_085012

I have been using this space for almost ten years.  The whole family has benefited as well as five of my most decidated students who show up twice a week, rain or shine!

Have a wonderful weekend!