My fitness book is finally available on Follow the links to purchase your copy today!

I want you to know that I wrote this book with my students in mind. So many of you travel during the winter months and now you can easily bring me along. This book is paperback so it lays open easily. It is 8.5″ x 11″. There are over 100 photographs displaying three levels of programming for beginner, intermediate and advanced students alike. There are 14 exercises in each program with a section of stretches suitable for all levels at the end of the book. My favorite feature is the two page spread after each section that displays all of the exercises in on place, so that once you know how to do the moves safely, you can open to that page and not have to keep flipping pages as you workout!

The exercises in the book are fundamental to healthy living. I know this because I have seen great success among my many students who began with me when they themselves were turning 50-55 years old and they are still in my classes nearly 20 years later! I base all programs that I create around the idea that our bodies are designed to push; pull; lift; bend; squat; lunge and twist. So the movements are meant to enhance our ability to live life with ease. I also incorporate balance work into all of my workouts because I believe it to be one of the most important aspects of physical fitness.

I hope that you will buy this book for yourself or give it to a friend who needs some motivation to get healthy. There is no need for an expensive gym membership. All you need is an inexpensive pair of weights and a small playground ball and both are available at Walmart or Canadian Tire. You will need an exercise mat or towel and a sturdy chair. I will guide you through the exercises with clear instructions and large photos so you can see how to be safe while working out.

It has taken me just about two years to bring this project to fruition. I have learned quite a bit about self publishing. My next book will be much easier to put together…

Stay tuned.

See you soon.