Happy Mother’s Day to all of my students!

This is a picture of my little family.  My kids are so grown up now that it still catches me by surprise. I spent much of yesterday remembering them when they were little and in need of me at every turn.  It is such a sweet time but was so stressful as well. It felt as though it was never going to end. The sleepless nights. The soccer caravans, the late night projects.

It is said that we have to enjoy them when they are little because they grow up so fast. I can remember people telling me this at the time but I hated to hear it. I honestly felt quite overwhelmed when they were small. Now I see how magical it was and how those moments are gone forever. I get it now.

All of our hard work and sacrifice has paid off. They are wonderful, accomplished adults who no longer need me to answer their questions. Now I am calling them. “How do I get my phone to do this? Why is facebook not doing that? How do I get my Snap to Chat? “

Enjoy every moment with your little angels. It really is all that matters.