We spent the weekend up at my sister’s cottage, just over 2 hours from our home.  Yesterday morning, 9 members of my family joined me for a morning meditation lead by my nephew Rob and a yoga stretch class. What you cannot see is that we are overlooking a magnificent river!  One or two hummingbirds came to check us out while we were doing our poses though I think my students were very focused and may have missed that little detail. One of the family dogs took turns laying on our matts with us under the sun.  After getting stepped on once or twice, he gave up.

The tranquillity of this space is unbelievable. All you can hear are the birds and crickets and the wind in the trees.

Some of the younger members of the family enjoyed the attention of the camera man, my husband.  No doubt he was egging them on to develop their own unique versions of spinal twist.

After class, a well deserved dip in the river!

What a great weekend.

Now I must focus on getting my classes ready for fall.

Have a wonderful day everyone.