Yesterday, I met a lady in the St. Lazare area who is well known for reading tarot cards and tea leaves.  I have heard such great things about this person that I decided it was something that I would like to experience.

The reaction I have received from people about this has been interesting.  Some people were opposed and even afraid, while others have confessed their curiosity.

For the record, I loved every minute of it.  I have always loved submerging myself into people’s beliefs in an attempt to better understand myself and others. I always take and leave what I like and dislike about the experiences that I have and come away with knowledge. Knowledge is power. We must make our own judgements about these things and not rely on others to tell us to stay away.

I went in with a completely open mind and so much of what she said was unbelievable accurate that I have no desire to try to deny her credibility. She told me things both good and bad that are going to come up in my life.  She told me that my parents are with me, protecting me and that they were there at that moment. I know and believe this to be true so that did not surprise me or frighten me in the least.

Suffice it to say that I do believe all of us have the ability to hone our intuitive skills, just as we can all learn how to cook or build things.  Getting in touch with the spiritual realm is within our grasp but we often leave it to priests and ministers etc.

When we meet someone for the first time we often get a vibe about that person. For me it is clear whether I will get along with the individual right away or not and I only get into trouble when I ignore my intuition. This is true for all areas of my life.

When your heart speaks to you, listen.

If you are at all interested in this kind of experience, give it a try. It did not cost a fortune and it was interesting and fun!

Try something new today!