I started this blog in mid April of this year and I cannot believe that I am writing my 100th post this morning.

My hope in writing this blog was that it would bring me a bit closer to my students. We have such a short time together everyday, and often there are so many people in the room, that this blog allows me to reach out and speak to you after class.

I have been teaching at the same location for 17 years and in that time attendance has easily doubled. In one of my classes I used to get 15 students, now I get 45. Those 45 have to wait in line before class to get a number and if you are number 46 that day, unfortunately you miss out.

I am thrilled about the success of this particular class but I also feel some frustration from students who just want to exercise but at times cannot get in.

The blog gives me an opportunity to share information with all of my students whether you miss class or not.

I have very faithful readers who take a moment to tell me that they have read the morning’s post. This brings us just a little bit closer together and in the end, my goal is to reach out and impact my students any way that I can!

Truth be told, I had no idea how to start this blog. I bought myself a “how to” book at Chapter’s and jumped right in with both feet. I created my page and even though I had no one to tell me if it looked good or not, I went “live.” I decided that my desire is not to be perfect, but to speak as if we are having coffee together. I believe that I have achieved this goal.

All of you are registering for the September programs. Most of you were not in class this summer as you vacationed and enjoyed the wonderful weather.

I cannot wait to see you all back in classes during the week of the 14th.

Have a great day everyone,

p.s  maybe I will make a gluten free “100th post” cake to celebrate!