Last night I took part in a meditation class in Beaconsfield.  I have decided that this time will be carved out for self care as I give so much of myself in all of my jobs.  It is so easy to get burnt out as a teacher that I am trying to be proactive and make certain that I am refuelling, so that I can continue to be an effective leader.

If you have never tried taking a meditation class I highly recommend it.  It is hard at first to sit quietly as we are all so used to rushing and being busy. We are being stimulated constantly in our jobs and our homes, so if we are asked to simply sit still, the experience can be unnerving.  What I realized after 45 minutes to an hour of guided meditation, is that I am very tense. I had a very hard time submitting to the experience which tells me that this is exactly what I need to help me to relax.

My mind kept wandering which is normal but the leader reminds us to draw our attention back to the mantra and our breath.  Simply ‘being’ still. Focusing our energy inwards, instead of constantly projecting outwards is a very healing experience.  If we are always giving and never taking, the balance swings all the way to one side and we can get sick.

If I compare this to muscle conditioning, I tell my students never to train the same muscle group on back to back days because of the risk for injury. Over training one muscle puts the others at risk. If we never give our mind a rest we can suffer serious health consequences simply because the whole balance is off.

I am so happy to be embarking on this new experience. I left feeling more centered and excited about coming back to the next class. While meditating, I was able to answer two key questions that I had when I went in to the class.  I felt re-energized and I was full of smiles.  It is such a joy to be the student once in awhile!

Have a great day.