This weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting with an old friend whom I had not seen in a long time.  As he was walking toward me, I commented on how slow and cautious he was walking. He is 45 and and as such, should be full of energy.  It turns out that his old knee injury has come back to haunt him and he is looking at having to have surgery to repair the problem. To add to that, he now has a shoulder problem.

I am not without problem areas of my own. If we have been on this planet long enough, most of us develop some sort of injury through daily living or repetitive motions in our jobs.

My message to you today is that simply being mildly active, walking the dog etc., is not enough to keep your joints in good shape. The muscles and tendons and ligaments that surround the joints of your body need to be trained equally to keep everything moving properly.  You many not notice anything at the moment but do not wait until you have an injury to find out that you have imbalances. 

I have been through many sessions of physiotherapy and what I have learned is that the muscle imbalances that we create through the job that we choose or the sports that we play etc., can cause us to have serious injuries later on in life. The physiotherapist then recommends exercises that will correct the problem.  Why not do it the other way around? Get into the gym and address your imbalances on your own time, instead of it being forced on you because of a painful injury, that is keeping your from your job and the activities that you love. The choice is ours!

I work with clients from the ages of 17-90 years old and as such I see into the future. I can see the difference between people who have been working out in the gym, training all of their muscles properly versus those who have simply been mildly active.

Hire a reputable trainer. Spend a few hours learning how you can make your potential weak areas stronger. Be proactive instead of reactive. Don’t wait for injury to force you into the gym.

Learning how to weight train to keep your muscles strong will not result in you looking like a body builder unless you want it to.

Lifting weights (5-8lbs) properly, will keep your shoulders strong. Doing abdominal exercises will help to prevent future back problems. Doing push ups and back extensions (superman) will keep your chest and back happy. Training all of the muscles equally around your knee joint with squats, lunges and inner and outer thigh work, will help to prevent knee issue.

Make your body, your business!

Have a great day everyone and see you at the gym!