If you are a student of mine and would like to have a chance to practice your line dance moves in a party setting, you are invited to attend a casual party this coming Saturday night April 23rd. It is taking place in the Beaconsfield area. 7-9pm

Please email me if you would like more details at:


So far we will be approximately 25 dancers which will make for a lovely evening.

I will be serving tea and coffee and juice.  Everyone is asked to bring a tiny something to share.

I am so impressed with how my little line dance group has grown and improved over the years. There are about 40 level two dancers and 20 level one dancers. I started with one class and it is nice to see it gaining in popularity.

Line dance is excellent for your memory, balance and co-ordination and depending on your fitness level it is a great workout!

If you have always wondered what it is like, come and visit us Saturday night and try.

See you soon,