An old friend of mine died this summer from pancreatic cancer. She was 53 years old. Despite having been told that she only had a few months to live, she proved everybody wrong and lived for just over a year.

In that time Sandra taught all of us how to live. Despite the pain she never once complained but instead spent the time she had with her friends and family coaching and sharing her wisdom.

Sandra’s passing taught me how precious our time here is on this earth. So I made a big push this summer to shift my energy into living each day to the fullest. Sandra and I are close in age and when I saw how hard this year was on her, I decided that I needed to stop procrastinating and get my projects completed. We never know what is around the corner so live today!

I finished three short stories and two poems this summer and my fitness book should be out before Christmas if all goes well.

I have always wanted to have very short hair so a few weeks ago I told my shocked hair dresser to cut it all off. It felt like a huge weight came off of my shoulders. I am not saying that I will never let it grow again but I am quite certain that teaching 15+ hours of fitness will be far easier with this new hair style.

What projects are you putting off in your own life? Is there anything that you have always wanted to do or experience? Often when you tell someone about your dreams, doors open and opportunities present themselves.

Send me a message and tell me what your aspirations are and maybe just letting another person know will set the process in motion.

Life is too short to wait until the perfect moment to start living our dreams so make it happen today.

Have a wonderful weekend.

See you Monday,