I am able to say that I love my job because I have such great students. Instead of feeling like work, my classes feel like family gatherings. As a result of this closeness, I notice when one of my group fitness students misses one class or a full week or a whole month. I have to hold back from reaching out to see if they are okay because honestly maybe they just want a break from me and I shouldn’t be chasing people down for answers. If I were personal training a student and they were missing appointments I would definitely follow up with a phone call each time, however in group fitness classes students come and go. This is normal.

This past week I could not hold back any longer because I noticed that one of my longest attending students has missed quite a bit of class. I started asking around and I heard some disturbing rumors about a very serious injury. These are rumors so I take all information with a grain of salt. I have sent a few emails to this person but I have not heard back. And so I worry.

This is the part of my job that I do not like and have to accept. Even though it feels as though we are family, I have to understand that in the end, I am just a trainer in a gym, providing a service to people trying to get fit. I find it hard not to get attached to my students because we experience so much together.

Please know that I would rather hear that you are not able to attend my classes for whatever reason, than be left worrying about your situation. I notice when your spot is left empty because so many of you keep the same spot for years!

If you wouldn’t mind taking a minute to let me know that you are leaving for a month long vacation or that you have injured yourself, I would really appreciate your gesture. Speak to me after class or write me a quick email. This way I will be able to relax and stop worrying about your whereabouts.

I really do care.

See you soon,