This is my car after last Friday’s snowfall. Thankfully, I got to stay home but we had more snow yesterday and as I was driving to work I couldn’t help but grumble about all of the people slowing things down because of bad habits. When we don’t clear off the tops of our cars, it’s hazardous to the people behind. All drivers know this and yet many just jump in and go but have you ever wondered why people don’t clean off the car completely?

I have always just assumed laziness was the reason or tardiness and I believe that this is true in the majority of cases but yesterday, I had my eyes opened by a lady who I meet quite frequently at the gym. She is in her mid fifties I believe and is in a wheelchair but wow she almost never misses her workout despite bad weather!

I had to tell her how impressed I was at her determination. “Oh she said, it’s hard on days like today, I’m not going to lie. The worst part is I feel badly because I cannot clean off the roof of my van and people drive by giving me dirty looks and cursing.”

Her words stopped me in my tracks.

We rarely know what someone else is struggling with in this life. We can debate and criticize the behavior all we want but perhaps we need to know all of the facts before we make any judgement. Yes, it is annoying to drive behind a snow covered car but after speaking with my friend from the locker room, I’m not going to be so quick to be rude to the drivers around me anymore.

Have a great day and while you are at it makes someone smile with a kind word. It goes a long way…maybe even offer to help someone you know who might need a hand this winter.

See you soon,