It happens. People can start to laugh unexpectedly in yoga class where traditionally the tone of the class is introspective, quiet and meditative. This occurred in both of my yoga classes yesterday and for some people it provides a much needed stress release. It can be disruptive to others though so we have to make sure it does not get out of hand.

The poses can be challenging and some of them look quite silly. When I am introducing a new pose, I know that there are going to be people who are ready for the challenge and those who are not interested at all. As the teacher, I can see that there are at least three different levels of capability in my class and the important thing for me is to keep offering opportunities for growth, to those who want a bit more of out their class experience.

Everyone has arrived in my class for a different reason. Some students have been told by their doctor that they have to relieve stress and become more flexible. They are often injured and so I have to make sure that they know not to push themselves to the point of discomfort, and to always come out of the pose should they feel badly. Some students want to see all that yoga has to offer them and they are fit and ready to try new poses. For this type of client, they need to see that the class is progressing over the 12 week session.

The challenge for me is to keep the non-injured, perfectly fit individual in great shape so that they do not become injured. The focus cannot always be on the “beginner” or the injured student because I have to keep the more fit students interested and progressing. My mission is to make sure that everyone feels safe and that everyone has options!

Make sure that whatever category you fall into, that you do not impose your situation on the rest of the class by making comments about the pose being “stupid” or “too hard” or “impossible.”  While it is okay to laugh quietly and smile and revert into a pose that feels safe for yourself, please encourage others who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and grow. We are in a learning environment after all. This is the place to try new things, laugh and grow.

Just keep the laughter at a respectable level. 🙂

Keep laughing and smiling…life is too short to miss out on the opportunity to feel joyful.