One of my small group personal training classes is ending today, for the summer.  The students are understandably worried about this interruption in their fitness training, as I have never taken such a long break before but I see it differently.

Most of the clients that I work with have been with me for many, many years and as a result, their bodies can get used to my style of training. This particular class is very fit, however change is still beneficial. This will force them to try new classes and new experiences, which will ultimately lead to improvement all around.

Remember that the most important fitness rule is to keep moving but if you are always ‘moving’ in the same way, injuries can develop. I see it as an opportunity for them to develop different skills (perhaps through a new sport), meet new teachers and participants.

We tend to get into ‘fitness ruts’ and stick to only what we are good at. If you are one of my students, you have learned safe training techniques, that you can take into any fitness activity.

Remember to keep your body in alignment no matter the activity. Posture first!
Remember to gauge the intensity of the workout through your breath.
Listen to any pain signals your body may give you and discuss them with your teacher/trainer.
Preview the class before attending, if you can, and see what it entails.
Do not let anyone push you beyond your limit if it makes you uncomfortable or if it feels unsafe.

I will miss this particular group of people very much but in order to be an effective trainer, I also need to give myself a break occasionally.

Happy training!!!

See you soon,