Balance can be hard to achieve if you are the kind of person who says ‘yes,’ to everyone and everything. Learning to express our sentiments clearly, is beneficial to our health. My son is living proof.

Josh, is a determined and wise young man.

When he visits, we have long chats and during these moments I learn quite a bit about him and myself in the process. Recently he was explaining to me how he handles it when people are demanding too much of his time.

“Mom, I have made a habit of saying ‘no’ instantly. If I really don’t want to do something I tell the person right away.”

He went on to explain that the first few times that he did this, it felt as if he was being a bit mean, but with practice it got easier and he’s now happier and more carefree.

I have struggled with being a “people pleaser,” myself. My desire to impress has often resulted in me being unhappy in jobs or relationships. Thankfully, I recognized this characteristic in myself about three years ago and I am actively working on being more like my son. Josh figured this out at 23, while it has taken me 47 years to piece it together! What a kid!

The key to speaking our minds is saying it with grace and kindness. At times we may offend people but I have discovered that it is better to be true to ourselves than to live with regret.

See you soon,