We’ve had a great start this week at the gym! I’ve met a few new clients and I hope that they continue to come. Everyone is happy to be back but did I sense some mild frustration in the classes.

I want you to know that it’s normal to feel a bit out of sorts when we first get started. I’m showing you new dances in line dance, new Step choreography and new muscle routines. I even added new stretches to my Yoga Stretch class which is all about relaxation.

My goal is to offer you new ‘tricks’ to keep you motivated and challenged. It’s easy to simply put yourself on a treadmill and walk or run while ‘checking’ out. There is a comfort in just going through the motions, even in group fitness. I want you to have to think quite a bit at the beginning of the session. I’m challenging your muscles and your memory. Eventually you will master the moves and feel successful. You will grow in more ways than one and in the process, stay young.

While it is great to be comfortable with exercise, we want to keep challenging ourselves. It’s good to be pushed out of our comfort zone!

We need to ‘get comfortable with being uncomfortable!’

There is ‘method to my madness!”

See you tomorrow.