At some point in our lives we begin to focus less on trying to look like the pictures in magazines and more on maintaining our health. A client came up to me this week and told me that she is at this stage in her life and I reassured her that she is in the right class!

A few years ago I stopped trying to be the strongest person in the room and decided to help my students be the best that they can be. My goal is to teach my students proper technique and keep them functionally fit. I choose exercises that strengthen or lengthen the muscles that my students use most often in their daily activities.

People show up in my classes for many different reasons. Many want to lose weight but most simply want to stop the clock. I can honestly say that those students who have been in my classes for almost twenty years, have not aged at all. They look as good, if not better than they did when we first met and this is because of they fitness a priority.

Regular maintenance is something that we are used to doing on our cars or around our home. Maintaining your physical health should be on your to do list. A lifetime of neglect cannot be addressed in one or two workouts a month or a year. We have to make formal exercise a part of our day.

See you in class!