Though I love to workout, I have to accept that many people don’t. So what can you do if you hate breaking a sweat but know that you have to exercise to stay healthy?

The answer is simple: FIND A FRIEND!

My most successful students are the ones who come to the gym with their friends or meet them there. There are a few students who travel in a packs at my gym and attend the classes that their friends are attending, because right after the workout they socialize over coffee. Their commitment to each other is what gets them to the gym time and time again.

When we go it alone, it can be hard to justify leaving our families or spouses but if we have a ‘date’ to meet a friend at the gym, it is somehow easier to convince those around us to let us go. We are also less likely to disappoint a friend by not showing up. I am amazed how much my students care for one another and how much they worry when someone is missing. In my humble opinion, it is these friendships that guarantee our success at the gym.

Even if you do not have someone to go to the gym with right now, attend classes and reach out to people. Introduce yourself and open yourself up to change.

We simply need to get moving and as far as I am concerned the rest will fall into place. Going through the motions with your friends makes the experience easier. Before you know it you will have created a habit and it will not even feel like exercise anymore.

I will be spending time with friends this weekend. We are all attending a retreat that involves art, yoga and rest. We begin tomorrow so my blog will resume next week.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.