When it comes to goal accomplishment, consistent effort is required.

As I was teaching Essentrics last Friday, it occurred to me that I was able to lift my leg higher during the kick sequence than I had been able to do previously. This means that all of the dedicated work that I have been putting in is finally starting to pay off. Sometimes in fitness we think that we have to make drastic changes to our lives in order to achieve our goals, but in truth the small, consistent, daily efforts are what bring about big, physical changes in our body.

Covid-19 knocked many of us off track in March but I can see remarkable progress in the health of my students who have kept up their fitness routines virtually from the safety of their homes. Is it perfect? No. But there is never going to be a perfect time to work on your goals or your projects. You just have to commit to a small amount of time each day and you will succeed.

Yesterday, I decided to get back to a few of my projects that were put aside in the Spring. You see I had fallen into the trap of thinking that it had to be all or nothing. That unless I could devote hours a day toward my goal, there was no point. Well Friday opened my eyes. It is the little bits of time that we spend on our projects that move us toward completion. You do not need to move mountains, you just need to take some steps every single day toward reaching the top.

One of my projects is to take my Grandmother’s cookbook and turn it into a hard cover book for the family. There are 96 recipes in her notebook, all out of order of course, so this is a big task. As the writer in the family, I believe that part of my reason for being is to record the stories of my ancestors. This is just one of the many projects on my to do list, and instead of feeling weighed down by the magnitude of the final product, I will instead focus twenty minutes a day on getting the work done, and I will celebrate these efforts along the way.

What can you begin to work on today?

See you soon,